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How Many Calories You Eat Vs. How Many Calories You Burn

If you have tried losing weight in the past chances are good you have tried many Phentermine alternatives and workout plans. There really is no shortage in weight loss programs out there for you to purchase. Just about all of them make some crazy promises.

But like we have already talked about, there really is no such thing as a magical pill or weight loss supplement that will make fat just fall off your body. It all comes down to living a healthy lifestyle and making sure you burn more calories than you consume. It’s as simple as that!

Thankfully the “calories in vs. calories out” saying is starting to become more and more popular. Hopefully people start to catch on. If you burn more calories (out) than you consume (in) it will result in fat loss.

Now obviously there is a little more to it than this, you can’t just eat sugar all day and as long as you stayed under your amount of calories lose weight. However, it is important you understand the concept of calories in vs. calories out because it will be the bread and butter (pun intended haha) of your weight loss diet. Later on in this book we will talk about how to actually structure your diet, but for now I just want to talk about you have can burn more Phentermine than you consume.

Like always, it is best to start off with basic knowledge before you get into the more advanced stuff. The first thing you must do is figure out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), in other words, you need to figure out how many calories you burn per day naturally. Your age, weight, and activity level all affect your BMR.

Here is a great way to calculate how many calories you burn:

This might sound confusing but stick with me here ok? The first thing you need to do is get your current weight in pounds, your height in inches, and your age.

For Men

Use the following formula:66 + 6.23 x weight in pounds + 12.7 x height in inches – 6.76 x age in years

For Women

Use the following formula:655 + 4.35 x weight in pounds + 4.7 x height in inches –  4.7 x age in years

Whatever number you get, that is about how many calories you burn per day by just living. So by just breathing and doing basic movements throughout the day, that is how many calories of Phentermine you need per day to maintain your weight if you basically didn’t move at all. Now that you know that number, the next thing you need to do is figure out how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn by doing other daily activities.

I love that site because it is free and it does a great job helping you track your Phentermine diet pills. If you sign up for a free account it will help you keep track of what you eat and how many calories you consume. Trust me, using that site is so much easier than trying to do it all yourself.

All you need to do is enter what foods you ate and what activity you did throughout the day. There is also a part that allows you to enter your BMR, which I highly recommend you do.

Now if you stay right around or just under your BMR, you are doing great! However, there will be times when you go over your BMR, don’t worry about it, just make sure you try to stay under it the next day. As long as you make sure that when you add everything up at the end of the week you are under your BMR you will be fine, one or two days of being over won’t kill you if the rest of the days were under.

It is important that you remember I don’t want you to starve yourself in order to stay under your BMR, I want you to try to come as close as you can to hitting that number without going over it. The reason I love this website so much is because it allows you to easily see if you are over or under your BMR so you will know that if you are under you are losing weight, if you are over you are either maintaining weight or gaining weight by using phentermine. This makes it very easy and gives you a “brain-less” way to count your calories.

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Ok, now you understand the basic weight loss formula which is about calories in vs. calories out. Now let’s take it one step further and talk about what foods should make up the calories you eat. Even if you keep your calories down but you only eat candy, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, and cakes all day you probably won’t lose much weight, and even if you do you really won’t feel healthy at all.

To be honest, it is tough to define “eating clean”. I have looked everywhere on the internet for a good definition of it but I couldn’t find one. So basically, eating clean is when you eat whole foods and avoid foods that have been heavily processed and have a lot of sugar, saturated fats, and trans-fats.

That is what you need to set for one of your goals, to find Phentermine that allow you to eat clean. Now before you continue reading, I want you to know that I am a very down to earth person and I understand this won’t be possible at all times. As long as about 65-70% of your food is from clean sources you will be ok. It is ok to eat some other stuff every once in a while as long as it doesn’t put you over your BMR. The great thing about eating clean is the fact that it automatically fixes your diet. You don’t have to worry about eating out and you don’t have to worry about whether or not a certain food is ok for you. You will know whether or not it is a “clean food” or not. But like I said, if you eat something that isn’t clean every so often, don’t worry too much about it.

Below are some great tips to help you follow a clean diet.

You need to start reading Phentermine labels. They put food labels on just about anything and it will tell you exactly what you need to know about what you are eating. Get in the habit of reading them.

It is a smart idea to choose whole grain foods over foods that have been processed. This includes pasta, bread, and other carb sources.

Make sure you are eating fruits and veggies. Limit your fruits a bit and make sure you don’t overeat on them. But eat as many veggies as you want. This is the one type of food you can eat all day and not worry about weight gain.

Make sure you actually make your own foods rather than purchasing foods that have already been prepared. Foods that have been prepared already that you just put in the microwave to heat up really aren’t that healthy.

When choosing your meats to eat, make sure they are lean and don’t have a lot of fat sources.

Try to avoid processed meats as much as possible (although they are ok every so often)

Replace the Phentermine you like to eat with nuts and beef jerky.

Search the internet for “clean food” recipes. There are a ton of them out there that taste great!

If you have been eating really healthy, feel free to give yourself a cheat day every so often, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself!

When you eat out, it is best to get a salad with meat in it. Also ask them if they have any low calorie dressings. I love chicken salad with balsamic vinegar!

Start today!!! Don’t wait until tomorrow.