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Hair is made of hair follicle. Hair Follicles are like tiny pouches just under the skin surface. From each hair follicle grows a hair for about three years. Within or after this period the hair fall out and a new hair grows replacing the previous from the same follicle. This is what is called the hair growth cycle and this happens all throughout life. However for some reasons like heredity related or hormonal problems, this cycle become shorter. 

The affected follicle on the scalp becomes smaller than the normal one. As this follicle shrinks the hair that grows becomes thinner and thinner and this hair grows for a lesser period than the normal that is three years. This will continue to happen until eventually, all that remains is a much smaller hair follicle and thinner hair. If this is happening with your hair, then you are suffering from hair loss. Hair loss if not treated worsens. This usually starts from the front and vertex of the head wherein patches appear little by little. Later these patches widen and widen until they join together leaving rim of hair on the sides and the back part of the head. This is now what is called Male Pattern Hair Loss.

Male Pattern Hair loss attacks men aged 50 years and above. It is said that 50% of these men are experiencing this. This is a common condition wherein men experience the thinning of their hair on the scalp which results to the receding hairline and on balding on the top of the head. Much is the desire of men to have more hair on their scalp but the desire can remain a desire when the hair continues to fall out. Since the key to hair loss is the increased of the level of dihydrotestosterone, this should be addressed by preventing the conversion of testosterone to didydrotestosterone in the body. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a substance in the body that can shrink the hair follicle until it can no longer produce or grow visible hair. Propecia is the only solution to this situation. Buy Propecia tablets to combat your hair loss.

Propecia was developed and produced to treat mild to moderate male pattern hair loss, Propecia is a one a day medication which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat male hair loss. Propecia can be availed in tablets. It can be safely nadmi9nostered once a day with or without meal but with a full glass of water. Buy Propecia tablets from drugstores worldwide. Propecia should be taken by men only. It should not be handled nor taken by women or children. To enjoy the benefits of Propecia, it should be taken regu;arly and continuously for three or more months. The improvement in the scalp can be noticed after this period. The change or the improvement is gradual. After a longer period of taking Propecia, the maximum benefit is seen and felt. This should be sustained of course by taking it continuously if not, you will return to your previous state. Buy Propecia tablets for your scalp to regrow the lost hair.